Our art books include nine titles made with the artist Andy Goldsworthy, and others produced in collaboration with herman de vries, Chris Drury and David Nash – all artists who work closely with the natural environment. We have also produced monographs on the painters Ceri Richards, John Hoyland, Patrick Hayman and Merlyn Evans.

de-vries--6-7-15-017 DRURY-Silent-S-6-7-15-004 GOLDSWORTHY-C&H-6-7-15-006 G-STONE-UK-6-7-15-012 wood G-ARCH-6-7-15-007 G-TIME-6-7-15-014 G-WALL-6-7-15-015 G-HAND-TO-EARTH-6-7-15-016 G-MIDSUMMER-SNOWBALLS-6-7-15-011 G-PASSAGE-6-7-15-010 G-ENCLOSURE-6-7-15-009 NASH-6-7-15-005 SONG-OF-THE-EARTH-6-7-15-024 EVANS-6-7-15-022 HAYMAN-6-7-15-023 HESSING-6-7-15-001 HOYLAND6-7-15-018 MACKINTOSH-WATERCOLOURS-6-7-15-021 RICHARDS-6-7-15-003 SCHERMAN-6-7-15-025 JUST-LOOK-6-7-15-020 JUST-IMAGINE-6-7-15-019